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3 Reasons Why Commercial Fridge May Be Leaking

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

A commercial kitchen commercial in Georgia Contact the professionals at SERVPRO from commercial water damage restoration services!

One of the most common causes of water damage in a commercial kitchen is a refrigerator leak.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Union, Towns, Fannin & Gilmer Counties have seen multiple causes of water damage in commercial properties. However, one of the worst kinds of water damages comes from a refrigerator leak because it can go unnoticed for a while. After all, the refrigerator will still be fully functional, but, eventually, a chef or staff member will notice the refrigerator leak when puddles develop or a strange smell appears.

If your refrigerator is leaking, it is essential to know the reason why. In the following blog post, we will go over the three main causes of a refrigerator leak and how you can prevent further issues from arising.

Why does a refrigerator leak need to be quickly attended to?

A refrigerator leak can be a major headache for any commercial property owner, especially if it's not fixed quickly enough. As we mentioned earlier, a refrigerator leak is one of the most common reasons for property damage in a kitchen. When a refrigerator leak is left unattended for too long, a property owner risks major water and mold damage.

The 3 causes for a leaky refrigerator

1) Malfunctioning water line

When the water line to the refrigerator is damaged, you'll quickly know because there will be water pools under your refrigerator on the floor. Also, you will see water dripping from behind the refrigerator.

When you notice water coming from the waterline connectors, you will need to get them replaced ASAP! If the leak continues, it will damage the floor underneath the refrigerator.

It is best to check the refrigerator waterline connector every six months to ensure it is in good condition with no damage. In some cases, the water line is loose and can be easily tightened. 

2) Damaged water shut off valve

Unfortunately, the professionals at SERVPRO have seen loose, clogged, or damaged shut-off valves cause water damage. The water shut-off valve is located behind the refrigerator. 

It is best to check that the water shut-off valve is in working condition every six months to ensure it is in working condition. If you notice water leaks from the water shut-off valve, you should have it replaced immediately. 

3) A dirty drain pan

At the very bottom of a refrigerator is a drain plan. The purpose of the drain pan is to catch any refrigerator condensation or dripping water that falls. 

If the refrigerator drain pan is clogged or dirty, water will not collect and cause water damage. It is best to examine the refrigerator drain pan every six months to ensure it is free of dirt and debris.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed learning about the three main causes of refrigerator leaks and the importance of inspecting your refrigerator every six months for damages. 

As we mentioned early on, there is likely water damage that needs to be mitigated with a refrigerator leak. The professionals at SERVPRO are not experts in fixing malfunctioning refrigerators, but we can help restore water damage. 

Please remember that it is best to fix the problem before it gets out of hand when it comes to commercial water damage. For example, you should unplug the refrigerator and get it fixed ASAP at the first sign of a leak because the refrigerator repair costs will be much less than the water damage repair costs!

Contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Union, Towns, Fannin & Gilmer Counties at the first sign of water damage. Our IICRC trained professionals are ready to help you 24/7 with water damage restoration in your commercial property.

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