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What Type of Commercial Sprinkler System Is Installed At Your Property?

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial sprinkler system heads in North Georgia building Contact the best commercial water cleanup professionals!

Every commercial building needs to have a sprinkler system installed to fight fire damage

When you’re a commercial property owner, one of the prime concerns is to have safety and precautionary measures in case of an emergency. It is imperative to have a system in place that follows both OSHA and the EPA guidelines to protect your infrastructure as well as your personnel. One of these includes having a commercial sprinkler system that lessens the damage if a fire breaks out. Many apprehensions surround the use of commercial sprinkler systems; understanding the various types will enable you to make an informed, timely decision when installing a commercial sprinkler system. 

Have you ever paid attention to whether or not you have such a commercial sprinkler system installed in your building? And if not, do you intend to have one installed? How would you know which type works best for your business? This post will be going over the importance of a commercial sprinkler system and the types you should consider getting installed. 

What is a commercial sprinkler system?

When you have any commercial property or building, you need specific fire safety protocols in place in case of an emergency. A fire sprinkler system does precisely that; it lessens the damage caused by a fire breakout. Sprinkler systems generally work in conjunction with a smoke alarm to protect your infrastructure and personnel from an unprecedented event.

How do commercial sprinkler systems work?

Fire sprinkler systems are usually placed in ceilings and contain a water source, a distribution channel pipe, and a sprinkler head. The sprinkler releases water when the fire is recognized and acts as both a means of detection and eradication.

Types of commercial sprinkler systems

There are primarily four different types of commercial sprinkler systems. 

  • Pre-Action: Pre-Action sprinklers are ideal for buildings where valuable items are stored. Water stays inside the pipes, and the valve only opens when there is an actual fire detected. These are, however, costly in terms of maintenance and installation. 
  • Wet-Pipe: Typically found in North Georgia commercial buildings, a wet-pipe commercial sprinkler system keeps standing water in the pipes allowing them to act timely in case of a fire. They are the most commonly used type because they are cheaper to install and maintain, but chances of water damage arise at higher temperatures. 
  • Dry-Pipe: A dry-pipe commercial sprinkler system does not contain water but stores air or nitrogen inside the pipes, but water is released onto the target area when the fire is detected. These are ideal in places with shallow temperatures, and so they cost more to maintain and include a slight delay between the signal and water release.
  • Foam-Water: A foam-water commercial sprinkler system mixes water with a concentration of foam that then puts out the fire. It is rapid in dissipating the fumes and eliminates solvent fires. 

How can commercial sprinklers cause water damage? 

Commercial sprinkler systems are your safety net when it comes to commercial properties. The property owner has invested millions in the building infrastructure, so specific safety protocols must be put in place to secure the property and the personnel. 

A typical sprinkler system utilizes hundreds of gallons of water to put out a fire which means there will likely be a water damage problem on your hands once the catastrophe is averted. Common issues with sprinkler system water damage include mold, stagnant water, wet drywalls, or damaged upholstery. 

Call SERVPRO for commercial sprinkler water damage cleanup.

SERVPRO is your one-stop solution to all kinds of catastrophic events. Their professionals are trained in providing timely emergency services, water restoration, and various other cleaning operations. 

When it comes to commercial water damage, hiring a professional cleaning service is imperative to ensure that the problem is sought after to complete restoration. SERVPRO will assess the issue and strategize a plan to ensure that your property is renewed. 

A commercial water damage plan includes: 

  • Analyzing existing possessions: Any porous or susceptible object is removed from the premises to avoid further damage. 
  • Dry the water: Equipment including dehumidifiers, water extractors, and air movers are used to dry up any ceiling water damage or existing moisture that has affected the structure. 
  • Odor Control
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning

Final thoughts

With the information provided above, it is safe to say that commercial sprinkler systems are mandatory preventive measures that ensure protection in an emergency. The water damage that follows can quickly be restored with the help of skilled professionals like those offered at SERVPRO of Union, Towns, Fannin & Gilmer Counties. We will restore any size damage and follow the SERVPRO slogan “Like It Never Even Happened.”

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