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Play that funky music, but get rid of that funky smell

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

Most of us have walked into a business or even a home that didn’t smell … well, good. Sometimes the odor is identifiable and superficial cleaning will fix it or maybe it can just be stemming from some unpleasant thing that’s out of sight and no longer alive thus creating a big ol “eeewww” in the olfactory department.

More often, weird odors are not clearly seen or understood. Like musty basements … what is “musty” any way? That’s just a weird word. Restaurants often start to have an odd and not altogether pleasant smell from fryer oils, grease traps, garbage and other unsightly and unappetizing things we really don’t love to talk about. Maybe you are now thinking back to when your very own nose was offended by such an odor and how you really wish you hadn’t picked that particular place to try a salmon burger.

At SERVPRO of Union, Towns, Fannin and Gilmer Counties (yeah, we know that is a crazy long name) we are challenged with helping businesses and homeowners get rid of funky things. We can suggest a new musical playlist that’s less 1970s too, but we don’t specialize and can’t promise your satisfaction in that!

One of the ways we help to get rid of “funk” is through Air Duct Cleaning. Sometimes, you can change the carpet, paint the walls, bleach the tile and there is STILL an odor. Often times, that odor is coming from your Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. So, along with a smell, the air you are breathing isn’t so great either. Even the EPA suggests Air Duct and Ventilation system cleaning can be beneficial in situations where mold has been present or if any type of contaminant could have breached your system. Breaches happen in the case of older systems and just like your coffee table gets covered in dust, so does your duct work. We’ve talked about a lot of yucky things in this article and sadly, even the tidiest of Sally (or Sam) Homemakers can’t stop dust.

Inspecting the ventilation system is also a great way to reveal efficiency issues and potential hazards or problems. There could be lack of insulation along with a multitude of possible scenarios our technicians encounter when they go crawling around in attics and under floors. We have stories …

We pride ourselves on integrity, responsibility and commitment in our business. Our jobs often include doing our full level best to turn someone’s disaster into a happy ending, so in performing routine cleaning and inspections we are thrilled when we can be the ones to point out an issue and prevent disaster. That’s what we call a very good day.

To learn more about our Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning services visit www.SERVPROuniontownsfanningilmercounties.com

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